Jasper and Black Feather Earrings

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Get ready to add some colorful pizzazz to your wardrobe with these eye-catching earrings! Each one is uniquely crafted with a variety of stones and glass of varying shapes, sizes, and hues. Don't be surprised if the stunning natural inclusions in some of the stones catch your eye and add to the overall aesthetic. With their stylish combination of jasper, brass, and black feathers, these post earrings are sure to become a staple in your jewelry collection. And with a size range of 5-6 inches, they're the perfect way to make a subtle yet playful statement.


To enhance the appearance of your jewelry, delicately clean the metal surface. Avoid using lotions, perfumes, oils, and water. Refrain from wearing jewelry in pools or hot tubs. Store your jewelry in a dry, clean location, away from direct sunlight.